The term "mentoring" actually comes from the Greek word that means enduring.
This is a committed relationship between a youth and an adult wherein the adult has the patience to teach the youth whatever he knows from life. It is the adult's responsibility to provide support, assistance, and guidance as the younger one faces new challenges and problems everyday. Mentors usually take the role of the parents when the parent is busy or unavailable during the critical stages of a person's life-- giving guidance and advice to another person.

The Kinetic Potential Mentoring and Learning System is always seeking additional mentors to support local youth—we advocate that our students have not just one mentor but a personal board of advisors with up to 5 individuals who are taking an active interest in their lives.  As a life development organization, we view mentoring as a job and approach it with the same level of professionalism we expect from all of our employees.  Many of our mentors are compensated for their contributions and their performance is constantly monitored.  In addition to one-on-one mentoring, our Kinetic Potential Speakers Bureau offers an additional opportunity to impact many students in a more concentrated timeframe.  Please click “Become a Mentor” or “Prospective Speakers” if you are interested in supporting our scholars in either of these capacities.

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The Kinetic Potential Speakers Bureau is committed to bringing our clients the best speakers who reflect our Kinetic Potential Methodology and are passionate about serving as a role model and encouraging today’s youth to put their vision into motion.