Our KP Mentoring System
is a long-term mentoring and life development program that uses our Computer Assisted Mentoring System (CAMS), to create and manage a virtual pipeline of social resources and to identify the roadmap for diverse career paths. This virtual pipeline exposes individuals to opportunities beyond the borders of their current zip code or socioeconomic background from childhood to adulthood.

Our innovative approach to mentoring includes immersive education experiences in both the real world and in 3D virtual worlds. The KP Scholars Program uses the 3D virtual world KineticVille to create a community of youth development groups and academic, government, and corporate organizations to support the development of our next generation of leaders.

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The Embassy of Liberia selects the KP Scholars Program to address the challenges read more

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Our immersive education experience is designed to engage students in the same way that video games grab and keep the attention of players. For an overview of our immersive education experience, please click the watch button to see our latest success stories.