As advocates for local communities
and based upon youth development research, the Kinetic Potential Scholars program was born. Kinetic Potential is a proprietary methodology for driving systematic change with specific emphasis on defining an organization’s vision and successfully executing the transformation process. It is our belief that this structured approach has direct applicability in a social context and can be instrumental in driving systematic change in the lives of adolescents. The program seeks to accomplish three primary objectives for its scholars:

• Vision: Work with program scholars to develop their individual career plans and a roadmap that highlights interim milestones in support of career goals
• Transform: Assess and align resources that support youth development in three dimensions: academically, professionally and socially. Advocate for KP Scholar’s participation in these programs and continually assess program participants’ progress.
• Achieve: Execute development activities building the skills required for long-term career goals.

The KP Scholars Program distinctly differs from the many mentoring programs in existence today in three primary ways: program timeline, leverage of nonprofit resources and utilization of online technology. These distinctions are described below in more detail:

The Program Timeline: The KP Scholars Program aims to provide mentorship over the major phases of an adolescent’s life: Elementary School (6-14), High School (14-18), College (18-22) and Post-College (22-26). A New Approach to Nonprofit Resources: Today, most nonprofits function as stove pipes with their efforts exclusively focused on one stage of an adolescent’s development. By creating career paths that map nonprofits into an integrated solution across three phases of an adolescent’s life, we improve the likelihood of a successful outcome and make more efficient use of corporate and philanthropic capital investments.

Technical Innovation: The third element, and arguably the most important, is the utilization of technology and the data-driven approach that enables the successful execution of a program customized to the individual needs of our scholars. Our Computer Assisted Mentoring System utilizes a CRM approach that views the KP Scholars as customers and advances them towards their long-term goals. Maintaining scholar data allows us to provide accurate feedback on program success and to make the required changes to career paths or to our mentoring methodology based upon real outcomes. The experiential simulations in virtual reality enable the development of key life skills necessary for independent living.

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